Gondola Fun in Quito

I took a cable car through the sky. I was EXCITED but NERVOUS. It was beautiful.


On the ride up



Anna at the top


Nice view




Bus Tour

I went on a double decker bus. I was on top most of the time. At one stop we bought pants. At another stop we went to a monster church. We also went out for lunch.

artisan market pants.JPG
Together looking at pants


Sitting outside of the monster church


Eating lunch at a restaurant




The Market – Saturday December, 17th

We got up early and took a bus to the market. Me and  Mummy were SCARED because there  were big cliffs. I got a new infinity scarf made from Alpaca wool. We walked a lot but it was fun. I fell a sleep on Alex on the bus back to Quito. I love Alex very much.

Alex, Mum and I standing in the market


Rachel and I had popcorn in our soup. It was delicious!


Picking out infinity scarves

Giant Tortoises

We saw about 75 giant tortoises They were massive. They moved really slowly. It was really scary for me. I had delicious tea at the end.


Me and dad with the giant tortoise



Entrance to the lava tunnel


Dark lava tunnel


Au revoir tortoise













The Street Restaurant

This restaurant was in the middle of the street. We went there three times. I always ordered beans, rice, chicken, and a tiny bit of salad. It was yummy. Alex played with me there.


Us at the street restaurant


Fresh fish for super



Grilling our chicken



Isabela Beach

Isabela Beach is a really nice beach. The waves were exciting to play in. The water was warm. I did walkovers in the water. I practiced track and field on the beach.


Anna crossing finish line.png
Practicing track and field


Running as fast as we can


Running into the ocean 2.png
Running into the water




Ocean Animals

The animals in the ocean were amazing. I snorkelled with sharks, sea lions, turtles, and rays. I also walked really close to sea iguanas. I dove down deep when I snorkelled.


Sharks 2.JPG
I saw six sharks


Sea Lion 1.JPG
Sea lion sticking his head up to the sky


Turtle 3.JPG
Green sea turtle was amazing to watch


Ray 4.JPG
Alex with two rays


Anna Underwater 4.png
My super dive






Las Grietas

The water was freezing, but it was really pretty, clear water. It was really scary for me to jump off at first because it was really high. I did end up jumping off because it looked like fun. Alex, Rachel, Mummy and Daddy jumped off and not me so I wanted to.


Anna jumping 2.png
Anna’s super jump into the grotto


Anna the fish looking for fish



Silk Cayes


Beautiful Silk Cayes


Queen angel fish


Our delicious lunch

We went to the Silk Cayes to snorkel. We stopped at a small island and snorkelled all the way around it. Then we had lunch on the beach. 

Au revoir Silk Cayes, hello sharks, rays and turtle



sharks-and-rayNext, we took the boat out to the reef and we swam with sharks, stingrays, and turtles. It was kind of scary, but the sharks only eat little fish. 

Thank you so much, Grandma!

I wish you could have been there because it was really cool!