The Market – Saturday December, 17th

We got up early and took a bus to the market. Me and  Mummy were SCARED because there  were big cliffs. I got a new infinity scarf made from Alpaca wool. We walked a lot but it was fun. I fell a sleep on Alex on the bus back to Quito. I love Alex very much.

Alex, Mum and I standing in the market


Rachel and I had popcorn in our soup. It was delicious!


Picking out infinity scarves

3 thoughts on “The Market – Saturday December, 17th

  1. Anna ,
    I would be scare driving along cliffs and driving too fast on bumpy roads.The market was big. Did you like the popcorn in your soup?


  2. The colours are so bright. The materials are so vibrant!
    It looks hot. That is a lot different than here. It was -31 the other day.
    Love Aunt Karen


  3. You have the best family ever!! You are doing things I don’t think I could ever do!! I think I will have to start calling you BRAVE ANNA!! I love that you are your sisters love each other and take care of each other. You are all very blessed!! Have so much fun!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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