Silk Cayes


Beautiful Silk Cayes


Queen angel fish


Our delicious lunch

We went to the Silk Cayes to snorkel. We stopped at a small island and snorkelled all the way around it. Then we had lunch on the beach. 

Au revoir Silk Cayes, hello sharks, rays and turtle



sharks-and-rayNext, we took the boat out to the reef and we swam with sharks, stingrays, and turtles. It was kind of scary, but the sharks only eat little fish. 

Thank you so much, Grandma!

I wish you could have been there because it was really cool!


4 thoughts on “Silk Cayes

  1. Seriously???? These pictures don’t even look real!! How will you ever return home and not be bored? Hahaha!! It just makes my heart so happy to see all you are experiencing!! Blessings to all of you!! xoxo


  2. Hey Anna,
    That sounds like an amazing time. The photo of the 5 of you on the tree hanging out into the water is really neat.
    You are getting some really cool shots with the go-pro under the water. The angel fish is so pretty 🙂
    You must be swimming every single day – you would LOVE that!!
    Love ya,
    Aunt Karen


  3. WOW! What an adventure, swimming with the sharks. I think that sounds like so much fun. You will have lots of adventures to write about when you get back to school.


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