Southern Belize

We went on a trip to Southern Belize and I did all kinds of cool stuff. Here are some pictures.


Sun Creek Lodge 2.JPG
Our cool jungle villa


Southern Hwy to Rio Blanco - waterafall 4.JPG
Tumbling down




Rio Blanco Family Pic Waterfall 2.png
Fun at the waterfall


Ixcacao-Tumeric tongue.JPG


Anna making choc..png
Working hard for the chocolate


Ixcacao-Bay leaf palm 3.JPG
Enjoying the bay leaf palm


Anna eating lunch.jpg
Tasty chocolate chicken


Punta Gorda Drumming.png
Garifuna drumming fun










3 thoughts on “Southern Belize

  1. Anna, you’ve been very busy the last few days. You must be having so much fun. Your tongue was pretty yellow from the turmeric. Did you like the taste? What about the chocolate? Was it yummy? You are all learning so much. Uncle Ron and I would have loved to swim at the waterfall with you. That must have been awesome. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Love you and miss you all. XOXO


  2. I LOVE looking at your pictures Anna. It is a cold wet day here. We even got some snow last night. Seeing all the fun you and your sisters are having makes me feel warm inside. The chocolate looks very yummy. I don’t know if I would like chocolate chicken though??? but it looks like you do.


  3. Chocolate chicken!!! Now tell me did that taste as yucky as it sounds… although knowing how much you like chocolate I bet you liked it.


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